History of Chapman ΑΕΠ

The Alpha Omega Chapter of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity at Chapman University was established in the Fall semester of 2011 as a nationally recognized colony. After 6 semesters as a registered Chapman University interest group, Alpha Epsilon Pi of Chapman University has gained official status as a member of the Inter Fraternity Council at Chapman University.

We are looking forward to the coming semester and all our new opportunities.

Why Greek Life

One of Chapman University's biggest student communities. Chapman's Greek Life makes up close to 34% of Chapman undergraduate students. Chapters complete thousands of hours of community service per year and donate thousands of dollars to philanthropic organizations, all while building great connections that will last a lifetime.

Close friends, networking, philanthropic activities, social experiences, and everlasting memories are some of the countless reasons to join a Greek organization like Alpha Epsilon Pi.

Chapman Greek Life

Greek Week
A week of fun activities, competitions, and events for chapters to participate in. Takes place in the fall semester.

Skit Night
All chapters compete in an eight minute lip synching competition. Takes place in the spring semester.

Olympus Forum
A one day leadership retreat for all new executive board members. Takes place in the spring semester.

Greek Day of Service
An all day service projects created for the Greek community to do together. Takes place in the spring semester.

Community Values



Greek Scholarship

Campus Involvement

Greek Community Programs

Why ΑΕΠ?

Joining Alpha Epsilon Pi, or any Fraternity, can and will most likely be a life changing event. It's very difficult to explain the fraternity experience completely. Each Brothers experiences are unique. Included below are several direct quotes from Undergraduate Brothers and Alumni on their fraternity experiences.

To live a healthy lifestyle, an individual must find balance between his life and everything else in the world. The Fraternity helps me achieve this. I will be forever in debt to my Fraternity and the Brothers of the chapter, and that's something that you can't put a price on. I've had a lot of friends in my lifetime, but my fraternity brothers stand out from all of my friends, and that is something that I'm very proud of as an Alpha Epsilon Pi brother.
-Yury Starostin, Beta Delta Chapter, DePaul University

During my freshman year I learned that college was great, but ΑΕΠ made it amazing. All within one organization, I have made friends of a lifetime, networked with other people in the business world and made an impact on my community. ΑΕΠ has driven me to be a better student, and I drive ΑΕΠ to be the best it can be, so that others can take away from it what I am right now.
-Josh Fanaroff, Delta Deuteron Chapter, University of Maryland - College Park

From the outside looking in you could never understand, from the inside looking out you could never explain.
-Jonah Mandel, Zeta Deuteron Chapter, Boston University

In the strive to become a quality, impactful Jewish man, ΑΕΠ pushes you to become just that through life-changing experiences and opportunities that reverberate well-beyond your college days.
-Scott Rosenthal, Eta Chapter, Ohio State University